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Hello! We are Michael and Ashley, the husband-wife team behind Blush Creek. The cute little’s you see above are Austyn, Jaxson and baby Lincoln, our sweet babies/assistants-in-training. If you were to ask Austyn though she would say that she’s the boss! Idaho is our stomping ground and we’re big believers that a simple life is the sweetest. Most days that looks like a hot cup of strong coffee, our coziest pair of sweats, and never-ending adventures with our kiddos… whether that be blanket forts in the living room or weekend road trips to the family cabin. 

So how did Blush Creek come about? Well, since Ashley was just a little girl she had a heart for crafting, painting, and design. She would watch her mother creatively transform the decor in each room as often as the Idaho seasons changed. Much of her childhood was spent remodeling her own room, sometimes several times a month! Spontaneous trips to home decor boutiques and estate sales filled with rare collection items fueled Ashley’s love for antiques. The rest of her time was spent outdoors, exploring around the family farm and inventing new backyard games with her brothers and sisters. Fast forward to present day and that passion is now shared in the form of a family business, Blush Creek. Ashley’s parents, Tim and Deb, also play an active role and each contribute a unique set of skills. It’s not unusual to find mother and daughter shopping for new treasures to add to the collection while the boys are working on the logistics of delivering those treasures to upcoming special events.

Together, we share a love for the history and charm of vintage items and believe that we can use that passion to serve others. Blush Creek is meant to be more than just another rental business. We believe it’s an opportunity to be a light to everyone that we meet and to set an example of hard work, integrity, and compassion for our children. Most importantly, we love Jesus and pray that Blush Creek is used for His purpose.

We hope to meet you soon!



Big thanks to Raft Media Photography for our family pictures!