where’s whiskey


Blush Creek is a family run business, and that includes our furry family! Whiskey, also known as Whiskey Lickens, is a very special member of our team and plays an important role. True to the famous qualities of a golden retriever, she is a joyful soul who loves to be a part of all the Blush Creek happenings. At styled shoots, you will find her assisting our models and working her charm on each photographer, doing her best to sneak into a shot or two. When the boys are working hard building new farm tables or beverage bars, she is right by their side giving a furry nod of approval. She also makes a great administrative assistant, providing much needed companionship through hours of emails and proposals and giving a warning bark when the coffee is running low. We are excited to give her more responsibilities as the business grows (client relations perhaps?) and couldn’t be more thrilled to have her a part of this family adventure. We hope you get the chance to shake her paw and she says it’s important you know that she loves peanut butter.

Keep a look out on our blog or check out the gallery below to see where Whiskey has been on our Blush Creek journey!

Special thanks to the following photographers:
Laken Fulton Photography
Blush Photography
Stephanie Mballo Photography
E + E Photography